Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"7th Period is a Secret" Plot Summary Overview

Author: Chiba Kozue

Summary by EsiuoL17

Plot summary:

Shun is a high school student who is originally a Geek. Pained by the experiences she encounters being such a person, she changes herself to become a happy-go-lucky type when she transfers to a different school. She reads fashion magazines and watches talk shows in television then imitates the way they talk just to cover up her dark and serious side. Three months later, all her hard work pays off as she’s now widely known as the ‘mood-setter’ of their class. Everyone sees her as someone who always smiles and laughs, never showing her weakness. However, their young teacher-in-charge named Koshiba Jun seems to see right through her. Suspecting that that is the case, Shun tries to avoid having eye-contact with him. But everything changes when he said: “Let’s be friends”. Will Shun finally be able to reveal her real self without fears? Or will she just continue pretending and faking her smiles and laughs?  

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