Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Defense Devil" Plot Summary Overview

Written by Youn In-Wan and illustrated by Yang Kyung-il

Summary by cleofe maliga

Defense Devil 1.png 

Plot summary:

Mephisto Barto Dertov Reffertlark Kucabara aka Kucabara is said to have the strongest Dark Matter in the Demon World. But he has just been banished and his powers stripped off. Kucabara wanted to regain his powers back but in order to do that he needs Dark Matter, which can be found in human sinners. So he decided to become a Defense Devil, in other words a demon attorney at law. A Defense Devil will have to defend and prove the innocence of a human sinner of their crime. In return, he can get the sinner's Dark Matter. However, he can only prove a sinner's innocence before the Shinigami, death God, takes the sinner to hell. And with his kind personality, the Dark Matter he has accumulated is used up soon to protect the sinner from the Shinigami so it will be a long way for Kucabara to completely regain his powers. 

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