Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Denpa Kyoushi" Plot Summary Overview

Denpa Kyoushi by Azuma Takeshi

Summary by cleofe maliga

Plot summary:

The story starts out with Kagami Junichirou with his high school sister, Kagami Suzune, scolding him to get a job. She forces him to be a substitute teacher in Physics at his alma mater, Higashi Shinmei High School. After all he is a genius physicist whose thesis was published by ‘Nature’- a prominent magazine, when he was 17. Unfortunately, he became a complete Otaku and Neet when he finished college. He constantly updates his Anime Blog to become #1 in the rankings. He claims that he has a disease that makes him do only what he wants to do. That can be said the same for his physics interest, he wants to make a ‘Dokodemo Door’. It is an ‘anywhere door from the anime Doraemon. So what will happen when he meets he students? He gets them to play an online mobile game in exchange that student will get a perfect score on quiz if they steal a treasure in the game! Such an unusual method but through this he was able to observe his students and find out a lot of things about them. Like Minako, a student being bullied by other classmates. He saved her from a pervert and learned that’s she’s a former delinquent but thanks to a certain K.Y. on the internet she changed. But who is K.Y.? 

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