Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Freezing" Plot Summary Overview

Written by Dall-Young Lim

Summary by cleofe maliga

Freezing Volume 1.jpg

Plot summary:

The story is of a Japanese boy called Kazuya Aoi in a somewhat futuristic world. Earth has been conquered and at war with aliens that came from a different dimension called Nova. To have proper training, Kazuya enrolls at a special school for Pandoras and Limiters. Pandoras are genetically modified girls who fight the aliens along with their male partners. Limiters are the partners of Pandoras and they do 'freezing', a special power that limits their opponents movement. In this school, Kazuya meets Bridgette L. Satellizer, the most powerful Pandora in her class. She is an unusual older girl and has yet chose a male partner to be her Limiter. And despite his friends warnings, Kazuya decided to be her Limiter. 

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