Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Haikyuu!" Plot Summary Overview

Written by: Furudate Haruichi

Summary by mel

Plot summary:

For a junior high student, being small has no advantages whatsoever. That is why for Hinata Shouyou, becoming a volleyball player after witnessing the awe-inspiring spike of 'The Small Giant' has become his goal. Being enrolled in a junior high school with no boy's volleyball club did not deter him from practicing volleyball.

On his last year of junior high, the first interschool volleyball tournament he participated in with his makeshift team ended with an utter loss against the formidable team of the genius 'King of the Upper Court' setter Kageyama Tobio. He vowed to get revenge against the said setter, aiming to be someone who will defeat him on the court.

Now that he is in high school, he entered Karasuno Gakuen to follow in the footsteps of The Small Giant. What he didn't expect was to see the King of the Court standing right before him during the first day of club activities. It seems from that day forward, the King of Upper Court and he will be standing on the same side of the court!

Follow the high tension matches of 'Haikyuu!' as the Karasuno Gakuen boy's volleyball team plows through the tournament for the revival of the crows, along with the oddball quick strike of the setter-spiker combination of Kageyama and Hinata!  

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