Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Hidoku Shinaide" Plot Summary Overview

Mangaka: Nekota Yonezou 
Volumes: 3 Volumes, ongoing

Summary by DLhere

Plot summary:

Hidoku Shinaide is a popular yaoi manga created by Nekota Yonezou, mangaka of KamiSama. This manga debuted 6 years ago in the Be x Boy magazine (2007). Ever since it started, the fans want more Maya x Nemu. So what is it about this manga that people loves? It is the art (especially the sex scenes) and of course the lovable characters and their story.

The story is about first year highschool students Nemugasa and Masayuki. Nemugasa is the type of student who needs the scholarship badly to continue his studies. He later succumbs to the evil deed of cheating on the test however his classmate, Maya, saw him. Maya then used ‘cheating’ as his leverage, more like a blackmail, to bait Nemu in doing something unforgivable. At the end of the day, Nemu does not only learn that cheating is not the answer to his problems, he also learns how to pleasure a guy by kneeling in front while doing something that involves bobbing his head up and down.  

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