Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Kami nomi zo shiru sekai" Plot Summary Overview

Writer: Wakaki Tamiki

Summary by cleofe maliga


Plot summary:

Katsuragi Keima famously known via the internet as the "Capturing God" due to his capacity to win the hearts of ladies in a dating sim in the digital world. However in real world he’s generally known as 'Otamegane' and also hates almost all '3D' ladies, assuming these are far far inferior to ladies on the game world. When he unconsciously signed up a contract from hell. Elsee, a demon from Hell who has also heard about his infamous girl-capturing expertise, visits Keima's world and also explains to him the long term contract he had created with hell. She said it is for him to capture the loose spirits which escaped to earth. Most of these spirits merely obscure themselves in the crevices in ladies hearts. Elsee also explained that the only way to get them out is by getting the host to fall in love which in turn will fill the crevices in the heart. Which is why Keima is the man for the job. He unwillingly accepts the challenge because otherwise he'll lose his head. 

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