Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Mahou Sensei Negima" Plot Summary Overview

Written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu

Summary by cleofe maliga

NegimaMagisterNegiMagi vol1 Cover.jpg

Plot summary:

Ten-year-old natural born wizard, Negi Springfield, just graduated from Merdiana Magical Academy in Wales, and as part of his training to be a better wizard he is to go cover in the real world. He is assigned then to become the English teacher in Japan at Mahora Academy, an all- girls middle school. But Negi has an even greater dream and that is to become a Magister Magi aka Master Mage. He has to in order to locate his missing father, "The 1, 000 Master", the most powerful mage ever existed. However finding his father won't be as easy as he hoped for. In fact, it always lands him and his students in life and death battles that decides the fate of millions. 

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