Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Monster Musume No Iru Ichijou" Plot Summary Overview

Summary by cleofe maliga

Writer: Okayado

Plot summary:

Three years ago, the world discover the existence of monsters like harpies, centaurs, catgils, lamias and all other kinds. This so-called monsters have humanoid appearances and what’s more they want to live in the human society and date humans. In order to integrate them in to the society a bill was drafted for them. It is called the ‘Cultural Exchange Between Species Act’ and thanks to this they have assimilated into society if not completely. This program needs volunteers to make it work and Kurusu Kimihito is one of the volunteers inducted. So he is to live with Mia, a snake-like girl. Kurusu must make sure he integrates her into his daily life and take care of her. All is happy and well but Mia falls in love with Kurusu. It is not such a bad thing but in the exchange program, interbreeding between two different species (humans and humanoid species) is strictly forbidden. 

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