Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Skip Beat!" Plot Summary Overview

Writer: Nakamura Yoshiki

Summary by cleofe maliga

Plot summary:

Kyouko, a sixteen year old girl who lives only for her beloved childhood friend Shoutaro Fuwa aka Sho. Sho’s family own an inn at Kyoto that someday he will need to inherit but Sho doesn’t want to take over his parent’s business so he asked Kyouko to leave her high school life behind and come with him to Tokyo to pursue his interest in music. After that, Kyouko works multiple jobs to support Sho in Tokyo. She spends nothing on herself and gave everything to Sho. In fact she would do anything for him. But that later changed when Sho betrayed her. It was when Sho ranked the top seventh among the top 20 popular male celebrities in Japan. Kyouko accidentally heard Sho’s complaints about her boring self and that his only reason for bringing her with him is to be his housekeeper and not because he love her. Then he mocks Kyouko and tells her revenge can only be hers if she’s even a bigger star than he is. Therefore, making her resolve, Kyouko changes herself completely and joins LME, a famous agency where the famous and number one actor is. In her quest for vengeance she finds her true self, gains friends and rivals and perhaps falling in love again. 

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