Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Sun-Ken Rock" Plot Summary Overview

Written and illustrated by Boichi

Summary by cleofe maliga

Sun ken rock v01.jpg

Plot summary:

This is the story of Ken Kitano, a high school delinquent who at a young age was orphaned because of his family’s involvement with the yakuza. He has romantic interest for a Korean classmate named Yumin, but in reality she’s Japanese. Yumin decides to go to Korea and become a policeman in the organized crime department and also she hates yakuza. In pursuit of his love, Ken leaves Japan and go to Korea and become a policeman as well. But life doesn’t always go as planned. For an entire year he failed at getting a job but through an unforeseen incident he was made the leader of a gang, that is renamed Sun-Ken Rock. It is only a small gang with a few members but it soon grows with Ken’s management, more members, acquiring large assests, gaining political favors and becaming the most powerful gang in Korea. In the midst of all this he manage to get closer to Yumin and evades revealing to her that he is Sun-Ken Rock’s boss. But nothing goes hidden forever as the truth surfaced. How will this two accept things especially when Yumin has a secret as big as Ken’s? 

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