Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Hellsing" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Hellsing.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Created by: Kohta Hirano 
Volume summary: 1 
Total Volumes: 10 
Release: September 1998 (Japanese)

Summary by John C.


Plot summary:

   The story begins in Cheddar, a small village inNorthern England. There have been cases of people mysteriously disappearing. A vampire named Alucard is sent to the village to investigate and find the cause of the disappearances. It is revealed that a priestin Cheddaris also a vampire and that he caused the deaths and disappearances.

The leader of the Hellsing organization: an organization that aimsto hunt vampires named Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing later appears in front of a group of police officers and soldiers and explained that their effortsto stop the vampire is useless. She tells them that Alucard is on the way to deal with the vampire.

Meanwhile, a young police officer named Seras Victoria is being chased by the vampire priest.He eventually catches her and tells her he will rape her and turn her into one of his ghouls. Before that could happen, Alucard appears to stop the priest. The priest orders his ghouls to shoot Alucard to death.

After being shot multiple times, Alucard comes back just as fast as he was shottelling the priest that normal guns have no effect on him.The priest holds Seras as a hostage, threatening Alucard. Alucard asks Seras if she is a virgin, which confused the priest. Seras loudly answers that she is and was shot as soon as Alucard heard it. The bullet pierced through her body and killed the priest. Bleeding to death, Alucard asks Seras what she'll do. Later on, Alucard returns to Integra and the group of soldiersreporting that there were no survivors.

Confused, they ask who the girl (Seras) is. Alucard then reveals to the group that she's a vampire, surprising them.Now that Seras has turned, she is now a member of the Hellsing organization and her orders are to eliminate ghouls and vampires with Alucard. 

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