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"Honto Yajuu" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Honto Yajuu.  See if you'd be interested in it...

English Title: Like the Beast Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love
Mangaka: Yamamoto Kotetsuko 
Volumes: 6 Volumes, (Ongoing) 
Related Series: none

Summary by DLhere

Honto Yajuu

Plot summary:

   When you hear that a manga is something Yamamoto Kotetsuko made, you know that it would be cute and hilarious and adorable. Maybe because almost all her works are comedy except for Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara and her few other drama-themed manga. Anyway, Honto Yajuu is one of sensei’s long running manga that is akin to Romeo and Juliet.

The story is about a diligent cop, Ueda Tomoharu who enjoys meeting people and helping them. On his day off, he catches a thief red-handed. It turns out that this thief is a pervert who snatched the underwear of a guy named Gotouda Aki who was also chasing the thief. Aki seeing Tomoharu with the underwear suddenly snatched the thing back and had a mad dash, obviously embarrassed. Morning came and Tomoharu was awoken by someone causing a ruckus outside his door. Tomoharu opens the door and is wondering why someone in a very gaudy suit, brushed back hair, and smug attitude – definitely a yakuza, is in front of him. The yakuza introduced himself to be Gotouda Aki and said that visited to thank Tomoharu personally by giving a fat load of cash. Tomoharu remembers him and said that such amount is unnecessary, a simple thanks would do. Aki who couldn’t contain his feelings anymore, told Tomoharu that he is in love with him at first sight! A cop and a yakuza will make a good pair! The question is: will Tomoharu accept Aki’s bold love confession? Will Aki be able to catch Tomoharu’s interest? Will there be love in the air and will there be awesome love scenes? More importantly, who is the beast? Find out more by reading the manga!

Honto Yajuu or Like the beast is created by Yamamoto Kotetsuko. It is serialized in Gush (2008) and is still ongoing. This manga is introduced to the English speaking community by SofeenaLee when she scanlated it years ago. Thanks to SofeenaLee and the group that is currently scanlating the manga, September scans. You will surely enjoy this manga!  

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