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"Konya mo Nemurenai" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Konya mo Nemurenai. See if you'd be interested in it...

English Title: Another Sleepless Night 
Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love
Mangaka: Yamamoto Kotetsuko 
Volumes: 1 Volume, (Ongoing) 
Related Series: none

Summary by DLhere

Konya mo Nemurenai

Plot summary:

   Konya mo Nemurenai is another brainchild of none other than Yamamoto Kotetsuko who is known to draw comedic manga with cute blushing ukes. So what is this story all about? If you go gaga over vampires and humans then I believe you would not mind demons and humans!

This is a story of Rikiya, an introvert first year college student. He is attracted to the same sex but he is still a virgin, that is: never been touched, never been kissed, never been in a relationship. One day he decided to just do it! He registers in a dating site and excitedly answers anyone who shows interest in his post. He received an invite to meet up. He is so giddy with happiness that he went to the meeting place with his guard down. Rikiya, who only wished for love and a happy relationship, is obviously tricked. The guy in the dating site just wanted to use Rikiya. Rikiya is in desperate need of help! But who would help him?! He is about to be violated in his lower posterior opening when all of a sudden something mysteriously emerged from the wall. That something is a guy who calls himself Endo, someone who would make Rikiya’s dreams come true. It is a “Your wish is my command” kinda thing. In the end, the guys who are violating Rikiya are so scared of what occurred and just ran. Now, what will Rikiya do with Endo? Who is Endo and why is he popping out from a wall?

You really need to read this manga to see the part where Endo pops out of the wall. Yamamoto-sensei’s epicness is just epic! Konya mo Nemurenai is being published in Rutile magazine since 2011. There is only 1 volume but it is still ongoing. Knowing that sensei has a lot of manga that are long running, there is a huge probability that Konya would be more than 1 volume. September scans and moi-xRyu scans are the groups we should thank for giving us scanlations in English! Please support the mangaka!  

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