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"Neko Irimasen Ka?" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Neko Irimasen Ka?  See if you'd be interested in it...

Manga: Neko Irimasen Ka? 
English Title: Isn't a Cat Needed? 
Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love 
Mangaka: London Pariko 
Volumes: 1 Volume
Complete Related Series: None

Summary by DLhere

Neko Irimasen Ka?

Plot summary:

    In this world there are two types of cats, the normal cats and the long living kitties. A long living kitty is a normal cat that wished to be a human in order to be with the person he loves. Like any magic spell bestowed upon by any fairy godmother, there is a catch. The long living kitty would look like a normal human being in front of anyone except the person he loves. Unless the person he loves genuinely wished to be together with the cat, that is the time wherein he will truly be a human.

Neko Irimasen Ka is a collection of stories from different long living kitties. The first story is about Shibaki, who chose to be a long living kitty for the university student Touma. Let us follow his love quest to get Touma’s love even in his cat form. Would Touma accept him and wished to be together forever? Also included is the story of Botan, Shibaki’s friend who changed into a long living kitty only to find out that he was abandoned by the person he loves.

Neko Irimasen Ka? is a yaoi manga created by London Pariko. It has been serialized in Gush comics last 2009. Not all people are aware of this cute manga because it is not completely scanlated. Scanlated or not, the story presented by the mangaka is a very interesting one involving cats and humans. This is a cute love story that you will surely like.  

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