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"Rabu Homuu" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Rabu Homuu.  See if you'd be interested in it...

English Title: Love Home Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love
Mangaka: Kiyoi Kiriyu 
Volumes: 1 Volume, Complete 
Related Series: none

Summary by DLhere

Rabu Homuu

Plot summary:

   Rabu Homuu or Love Home is a story created by Kiyoi Kiryuu who has been working hard to improve her art style since this manga debuted in Drap (2004). This is a story involving high school boys attending an all-boys school. Odagiri Satoshi is a third year student who hates other male species. He also loathes the fact that he was transferred in an all-boys school. Since there are no girls around, he believes that his remaining high school life would be boring. Well, his so-called boring life changes when he met Tomonaga Minami, a first-year student with a small feature and girly face. Their first meeting is a total chaos. Odagiri’s interest is piqued in their first meeting and he later found out that Tomonaga is selling himself. He then asked Tomonaga to be exclusively his by saying he would pay him double. Odagiri pries in Tomonaga’s business and he learns the reason behind the ‘selling’. In the end, Odagiri asked Tomonaga to live with him! Of course living together would entail a lot of issues that this couple should face. Love is in the air!

Also included is the story of Odagiri’s friend Sakigaya and another first-year named Yuu. Will Yuu be able to tame the playboy Sakigaya? Will Yuu be okay to not to be treasured? Read and find out!

Love Home is Kiyoi Skiryuu – sensei’s debut manga and I bet you would also love to check out her other works. You can see that her art style improves! This might not be her best manga but she did improve. All her stories are good and interesting especially if you want to just laze around and read some fluffy stuff. The only thing you would wish for is for sensei to create a doujin or extra.  

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