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"Roiyaru fianse" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Roiyaru fianse.  See if you'd be interested in it...

English Title: Royal Fiancé; The Royal Fiancé Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love
Mangaka: Kamon Saeko, story by Asuma Risai 
Volumes: 1 Volume
Complete Related Series: - The Royal Fiance – White Prince (novel)

Summary by DLhere

Roiyaru fianse

Plot summary:

   Honami Kairi, a high school student in a prestigious school, is working hard to earn money for his aunt’s operation. One day he was given an offer he could not refuse: advance payment for a housekeeping job. He accepted the job and decided to quit school because of the work load. On his last day in school, he had a brief conversation on the rooftop with the school idol - the popular Prince of Ecuratan, Shou. The Prince, according to rumors, would drop out from school to be married to someone he doesn’t even love. Kairi, not knowing what to say, congratulated the prince. He was happy that in his last day of school, he had a chance to talk to the Prince. Little did he know that the hands of fate have tricks up its sleeves. Kairi was shocked when he saw Shou at the house he was assigned to do housekeeping. In addition, Shou angrily told him to act properly as the Royal Fiancé! Shou said “Starting today you’re my fiancé bought with money” There seems to be a huge misunderstanding! What will happen to Kairi?

Kamon Saeko is a great mangaka known for her awesome skills in drawing girly ukes that have very attractive crying faces. She contributed many stories in the mangaworld but the Royal Fiance(2009) is one of her famous work that gathered a lot of raving fans. In The Royal Fiance manga, she worked with Asuma Risai who writes a lot of steamy stuff. The Royal Fiance – White Prince is also a work collaboration of Asuma Risai and Kamon Saeko.  

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