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"Bakuman" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Bakuman.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Author: Ohba Tsugumi 
Artist: Obata Takeshi

Summary by mel


Plot summary:

   Judging from how his uncle died from overwork, Mashiro knows how difficult it is to live as a mangaka. Keeping up with reality might be the safest choice for him, despite that it is a boring routine for him. That all changed when Takagi, the top student of their school, found out about his talent in drawing and the fact that he is a famous mangaka's author. Takagi pursued Mashiro to work together with him and create a manga that will become famous. Despite his firm rejection, Takagi convinced Mashiro to work together with him by making Mashiro make a vow of love with Azuki. The vow: Mashiro will become a mangaka and Azuki will become a voice actress who will become the voice of Mashiro's protagonist when it becomes an anime. Starting from that point, Azuki, Mashiro, and Takagi's dream became the driving force behind the pen name “Ashirogi Muto”!

Their main rival is Niizuma Eiji, a genius mangaka who debuted earlier than them in the manga industry. The way to the top where Eiji is might be a little difficult but they are persevering for their dreams. They had their ups too, winning over the rankings for popular mangas. They get drama CD offers as well. However, they also have their downs like getting a low mark in the rankings. Mashiro getting sick because of overwork also became a hindrance for them, almost making it impossible for him to go back to work. Their stumbling blocks made them stronger. They also made friends with the other mangaka who became their fast rivals and friends.

While beating Niizuma Eiji became their biggest goal as a mangaka, Mashiro and Takagi has yet to realize another one of their dreams – that is, to get an anime for their manga so that Mashiro can marry Azuki. Good thing that their latest work, Reversi, has actually gained the attention of animation companies. However, another problem arose as Mashiro's relationship wth Azuki, now a famous voice actress, got exposed. Scandals and rumors of Azuki becoming the sure candidate for the female heroine of the anime of Reversi came out. It is entirely up Azuki now to shut the bashers up and prove that she is worth the role.

In the end, Azuki got the role in Reversi. More than that, Mashiro and Takagi reigned as the number one mangaka after beating Eiji right before Mashiro's wedding. To sum it up, their dreams came true!  

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