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"Eyeshield 21" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Eyeshield 21.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Author: Inagaki Riichiro 
Artist: Murata Yuusuke

Summary by mel

Eyeshield 21

Plot summary:

   Kobayakawa Sena is definitely weak against bullies. That is why all these times he has just been one of the constant target of the bullies in his school. However, that all changed with the Deimon Devilbats devilish captain discovered his lightning speed run and devil cuts. It seems that he is just the guy that the American Football Club needs!

For their first games, the regular members of the team was just Sena and the two original members, Kurita Ryoukan and Hiruma Yoichi. Yoichi, being the captain, is the brain of the team. He is also the quarterback. Ryoukan is the center lineman of the Devilbats.

Along the tournament that will lead them to the Christmas Bowl, the team found themselves a regular catcher in the person of Taro “Monta” Raimon. He was originally aiming to become a good baseball player to match up with his idol. However, he eventually accepted that he did not have any talent in baseball. All he has is his master-level skills in catching. Instead of aiming to become a baseball player, he now aims to become the god of catching.

Sena's overprotective childhood friend also ended up joining the team as their manager. Anezaki Mamori, a being who is close to a mother than a sister to Sena, joined the team in order to stop Yoichi from supposedly bullying Sena.

Through a school-wide recruitment that they have held, the team gained more players to fill in their ranks. There is Komusubi, the smallest lineman they will have, who joined the team after being inspired by Kurita. The Ha-Ha brothers composed of Jumonji, Togano, and Kuroki, who were Sena's tormentors in the past, ended up joining the team due to the rivalry they felt with Komusubi. Manabu Yukimitsu, a straight A student who is the third person in the Smart Trio of Deimon (the other two namely, Mamori and Yoichi), also joined in the hopes that he can change himself for the better.

The team endured all hardships and even went for a death march in America. During the death march, they found a tight end for the team in the person of Suzuna Taki.

Winning the Christmas Bowl did not end the series for them. They also went on to play for an international football league in America. Their love for American football stayed with them, even when they are already in college!  

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