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"Hunter X Hunter" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Hunter X Hunter.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Author: Togashi Yoshihiro

Summary by mel

Hunter X Hunter

Plot summary:

   There are certainly lots of people who wants to become hunters – mostly for the fame but others for some special privileges. Only a few of the thousands of applicants can qualify to be a hunter. This is the story of Gon as he journeys to become a hunter in order to find his father. On his travels, he will meet trustworthy comrades forming a mish-mash team out of an assassin (Killua), sole survivor of a unique tribe (Kurapica), and an aspiring doctor (Leorio).

The first adventure that Gon went through is the Hunter Examination. Through the examination, not only will Gon form a bond with his team he will also meet some dangerous characters that will either become his worst enemy or friendly rivals.

Facing success in the Hunter Examination, Gon eventually started looking for his father. Killua came with him on his search. The only clue to his father's whereabouts is the Greed Island, which is an expensive and rare video game. The only way to get this video game is through the world's largest auction that is going to be held at Yorknew City. In order to get the game, Gon, Killua, and even Lorio did their best to raise money. What they do not know is that Kurapica is also at the auction, guarding a wealthy heiress as a cover for his revenge on those who wiped out his clan.

During the last days of the auction, a multi-billionaire hired Gon and Killua to play the Greed Island game. Entering the game is also the same as entering the magical world of Greed Island. There they have to face the challenges of Greed Island, all the while putting their lives at stake. It is also through the game that Gon finally heard some stories about his father and where the latter might be.

The Greed Island game might be too much for Gon to handle, as he ended up in a critical condition after the last battle. It is through Kilua and his younger brother's help that Gon eventually recovered. Upon recovering, Gon immediately went to his father's side to ask the questions he wants to ask. When they met, Gon learned of the true nature of his father's quest – the Dark Continent, a vast and forbidden area outside of the world that Gon and everyone else knows.  

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