Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Rave Master" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Rave Master.  See if you'd be interested in it...

Author: Mashima Hiro

Summary by mel

Rave Master

Plot summary:

   Haru Glory, a sixteen-year-old resident of Garage Island, has been chosen as the new Rave Master in this era where the Demon Card organization has been slowly intensifying their rampage at the Continent of Song. The Demon Card is actually the sinister secret society that has an even deeper secret. In order to stop the Demon Card, Haru as the new Rave Master has to get his hands on the Rave Stones, stones that were scattered all around the world after an explosion half a century ago.

In order for Haru to stop the destruction of the world through the greed of the Demon Card, he will have to bring together his very own Rave Warriors. He decided to leave the island in order to fulfill his destiny. The first person he met on his journey is Elie, a girl who has no memories of her past.

Through the mission of stopping the Demon Card's tyranny, Haru came to meet with Gale Raregroove, the overall ruler of the Demon Card, who looks exactly like his father. Later on, Haru uncovers the mystery of why Raregroove looks like his father. He ends up meeting with his real father, Gale Glory. The reunion with his father was short-lived as the latter ends up sacrificing his life in order to save Haru.

Haru's adventures did not stop from defeating the Raregroove. His son, Lucia Raregroove, came into the picture and revived the Demon Card. This time, Lucia plans to kidnap Elie for some evil purposes. It was then revealed that Elie has the Etherion in her body, a powerful magical energy that can threaten mankind.

Their battles with Lucia Raregroove and the newly established Demon Card are tough. In the end, Haru sacrificed his life in order to stop the world from getting destroyed. However, thanks to an even greater power, Haru appears in front of his friends a year later despite their belief that he is already dead.  

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