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"Wa iru dorokku" Plot Summary Overview

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Wa iru dorokku.  See if you'd be interested in it...

English Title: Wild Rock
Genre: Yaoi, Boy’s Love
Mangaka: Takashima Kazusa 
Volumes: 1 Volume, (Complete) 
Related Series: none

Summary by DLhere

Wa iru dorokku

Plot summary:

   Wild Rock is a manga set in an era where internet is still unknown and loin clothes are in. There are two tribes presented in the story. The first one is the tribe where Yuuen is a member and the other one is a more superior tribe where Emba belongs to. Yuuen’s tribe struggles to get enough food supply to support all their members. It is even impossible to get food when they are competing with other tribe’s best man Emba. Yuuen’s father thought it would be great if Yuuen would pretend to be a girl and approach Emba. The plan is to make use of Emba’s kindness towards the girl Yuuen to get food supplies. Reluctantly, Yuuen agrees to the plan and it seems to work. Everyday Yuuen goes to the lake to see Emba. They are on very good terms but Yuuen finds it hard to continue deceiving Emba. Yuuen decides to end it when he caused a troublesome situation that injured Emba. Emba is shocked that Yuuen does not want to be with him. He visited Yuuen’s clan to profess his love for him. What will Yuuen do?

Included in this manga are Innocent Lives and Child Rock which are also good reads. Wild Rock is one of the best manga the year it was released. It was licensed in English some time after its release. Even though the uke seems to be girly, the seme is just too gorgeous and jaw-dropping to be ignored. The story has humor and sweet romantic scenes readers would love.

Before Takashima Kazusa was suspended, she was one of the newbie mangaka whose skills, if improved, would be at par with seniors in the yaoi art department (ie Yamane Ayano, Kano Shiuko). It is sad to see that one talented mangaka was unjustly suspended by the court. Well, the story about the suspension and sensei’s absence from the manga world is discussed.

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